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We are currently smack in the middle of summer vacation.  The first month has been spent at a slower pace.  Although we still have appointments and extracurricular activities we are responsible for, we have also had the opportunity to spend time enjoying the pool, gardening, enjoying the sunshine, and playing video games.  Entirely too many video games.  But I suspect that is a dilemma most families with young kids encounter.  Too much time in front of a screen.

One of the things I have implemented this year is a list of responsibilities/activities that the kids have to complete in order to get a morning session and/or an afternoon session of electronic time.  Their responsibilities range from simply getting dressed and brushing your hair to eating lunch and spending time doing something creative, something outside and/or reading.  Having the list posted for both kids to see allows them to know if they have met their obligations in order to enjoy their tablet time. We allot them 1 hour in each session.  I know, most professionals will say 2 hours of screen time is too much, but it is what it is in our house.  Much like AA/NA, I am not here to offer advice but to simply tell what works for our family.

However, I know that the kids’ lack of brain activity (besides creating imaginary worlds) can cause them to not be prepared for school once it begins in less than a month.  I worry less about the Bear being prepared than I do Dozer, as he was just becoming comfortable with reading.  Therefore, today and for the rest of July, we will begin spending some time reading.  Dozer’s kindergarten teacher sent a packet home that he can complete and return for a prize, that gives him a head start and makes my life simple.  For the Bear, she will read her library books from our public library and I will utilize some worksheets on for her math reviews.

Excitedly, has developed a Limitless Learners’ contest for school-age children.   They are offering $9,000 in prizes.  The contest encourages kids in/entering K-5th grade to think creatively about what education means to them and use their art, writing, and language skills to express their ideas. A winner will be chosen from each grade level to receive $500 for college and a free lifetime membership to for their parent or educator!

As an added incentive, the winning child can choose to nominate their school or local library to win a $1,000 donation as well.

Attempting to get your young children to work on learning exercises in the summer can be like nailing Jello to a wall.  However, mine are always up for a little competition.  Please visit so that your limitless learner can be a part of this endeavor!  Good luck to all you grown-ups out there keeping your kids busy, occupied and growing during the summer!


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